The charm of handmade leather goods

In this era of machine replacement, the handicraft workshops in the fashion circle are in a precarious situation; but as people value the quality of the purchase of single items, the hand workshop has also entered a new world of “the village of dark flowers and flowers”. Federico Polidori, a   traditional handcrafted leather shop in […]

Handmade Leather Make Men More Sexy And More Attractive

  We have seen similar pictures in many movies depicting the future world: people live, work, and entertain, but rarely use them. It can be said that the modernization process has been accompanied by manualization. At the same time, people still lose the sense of handmade ritual, natural texture and uniqueness. In China, handcraft has […]

How to identify leather & imitation leather?

  1.How to identify leather and imitation leather? When identifying, the material should be inspected first to determine the type of leather. For example, if the “dermis” grain layer is unmodified, the leather with the original natural characteristics: the pores of the cowhide pores are small, irregular and even; the rows of goat skin are […]

Practice Sharing Of Custom Handmade Leather 

Practice Sharing Of Custom Handmade Leather   At present, a wide range of leather goods are generally developed and produced for mass consumption. However, with the rapid development of Chinese society, the existing leather products can no longer meet the individual needs of some people, so the leather custom market has also been in operation in […]

The origin and development of light luxury bags

  The most well-known light luxury bags are: Michael Kors (MK), Tory Burch, Furla, Coach, THEFOXSAY (TF), Kate Spade (Kate Spade), Rebecca minkoff, Longchamp, coccinelle (Cecchin), Issey Miyake (Issey Miyake), KENZO (Kaizhuo), viviennewestwood (Western Empress), MCM and EUCE brands Although these brands are different, but the customer group overlap is still very high.   The […]

Chinese Manufacturer That Produce Leather Goods Are Gathered

With the developing interest for baggage cowhide products, packs have bit by bit turned into a key thing in day by day life, sacks cannot just bring us accommodation, uniquely designed of good packs, yet in addition ready to Protect resources from damage. At that point searching for calfskin products makers preparing cowhide sacks, searching […]