Compact Oxygen Concentrator Pulse Flow 5L


The oxygen concentrator is small at a size of 199*183*86mm and lightweight enough at only 1.98KG to carry around. You can simply connect to a power socket indoors or use the rechargeable battery outdoors for up to 4 hours. You can also find other adapters that can help you to use the portable oxygen concentrator while driving or taking a ride. It uses a high-quality compressor and molecular sieve from France to ensure stable, adequate and high-purity oxygen output. Exquisite design with integrated frame and longer lifespan with all-in-one module inside.

1. 5 pulse dose settings, equivalent to 5 litres per minute of continuous oxygen flow.
2.The oxygen concentration is above 93%+/-3%.
3. Easy-to-remove external battery, proving a strong and comfortable shoulder bag.
4. Delivers uninterrupted oxygen 24H/7D.