Graphene Spectrum Rejuvenation Beauty Mask

$93.21 AUD

The Spectrum Facial Mask Apparatus Is a Comprehensive Beauty Mask Artifact, Also Known as the Spectrum Rejuvenation Apparatus.

This Product Mainly Chooses Three Main Light Sources: Red Light, Orange Light and Blue Light, Which Can Whiten the Skin, Shrink Pores, Increase Collagen, and Increase Skin Elasticity.

Anti-aging and Firming the Skin, Improving Dark Circles, Eye Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Diminishing Dark Spots and Stains, Promoting Wound Healing, Improving Oily Acne Cortex, Inhibiting Acne Bacillus, Eliminating Acne, Improving Allergic Skin, Removing Red Blood Streaks, Accelerate the Absorption of Skin Care Products, Improve Sleep Quality, Etc.