Hot Cold Blue Red Light Vibration Therapy Machine

$105.79 SGD

This is a blue and red light heat and cold meter, which can help shrink pores. Improve the five major skin problems, including large pores, skin wrinkles, eye bags and eye circles, allergic skin, and essence introduction. If you have the following skin problems: dry skin, acne growth, increased wrinkles, sun tanning, and ineffective beauty instrument waste of money, then you can choose our cold and heat instrument to have beauty in one step.Functional drugs have side effects that damage the skin. Daily skin care products are slow to absorb and contain chemical elements. Traditional beauty salons are prone to relapse due to backward equipment. The price of traumatic microplasty is high and the risk is high. However, our ice hammer beauty instrument is non-invasive beauty and technological skin care. The effect is remarkable.