Hypertension Laser Therapy Watch

£93.71 GBP

1. Scientific and Unique Design: 650nm Laser Irradiated Into the Damaged Nasal Tissue, Five Intensities, Reduce the Inflamed Mation and Swelling, Accelerate Local Blood Circulation, Detoxification and Metabolism.
2. Function: Nasal Cavity Combination Irradiation and Wrist Wrist Acupuncture Points, Can Lower Blood Pressure, Cholesterol; Relieve Arthritis, Shoulder Pain, Lumbar Disc Herniation, Meridian Dredge, Strengthen Physical Fitness.
3. Feature: the Semiconductor Laser Treatment Tool, Which Has a Long Service Life; You Need to Charge the Battery Before Using It, if the Battery No Longer Need to Be Charged, the Screen Will Show You This Information.
4. Treatment Range: Safe and Non-invasive Physical Therapy for Blood Vessel Head Heart Head, Hyperlipidiid, Arteriosclerosis, Heart, Thrombosis Prevention, Coronary Heart Disease, Allergic Rhinitis.
5. Using Note: Cancer, Bleeding Disorder Patients and Pregnant Women Are Disabled. Keeps the Laser Away From the Pupil Area When the Laser Radiates.