Infrared Red Lamp Light Therapy at Home

$108.00 USD

  • 18pcs 3W high quality LEDs, 9pcs 660nm red light and 9pcs 850nm invisible infrared light, making it the best wavelength for light therapy. The LED light bulb is equipped with 60 degree glass lens and additional super large optical lens which improve the irradiance reaching a high level to 140 mW/cm2 at 6 inches. The high-power LED light therapy bulb has a built-in qualified heat sink for better heat dissipation, durable to use.
  • The bulb was designed to fit standard E26/E27 socket, except the original holder in package, you can use yours, super easy to assemble and use, freely enjoying the light therapy by sitting position or lying down at home, then expecting a perfect result for younger & smoother skin and muscle & joint pain relief.