LED Light Therapy Torch for Nose Ear and Mouth


1) The LED Light Therapy Torch can be used for targeted areas, nose, ear and mouth, and can also be used as a beauty pen for face, hand, arm, knee, foot, or pet. 2) Two rechargeable 2,500mAh lithium batteries, one for back up.3) Exquisite and beautiful appearance. 4) Portable to carry your red light therapy anywhere. 5) 3 minutes timer, conveniently use anytime with a quick session. 6) The high brightness LED lamp beads, combined red light, blue light and infrared light, providing 5 wavelengths, 470nm, 630nm, 660nm, 850nm and 940nm, and delivering over 120mW/cm2 of high-powered light. 7) Freely choose what light you want, only blue, only red, only infrared, or all lights up. 8) Perfect effect for canker sores and cold sores in and around the mouth, alleviate coryza and earache. It also benefits to heal skin wounds, rejuvenate skin, relieve joint and muscle pain.