Mini Portable Medical Oxygen Concentrator With Atomizer

$1,931.10 SGD

Medical standard, stable and light sound, high-concentration continuous oxygen supply. It is suitable for scenes such as car, home, going out and work. The product adopts a 3.5-inch touch large color screen, which is convenient for the elderly to operate. The interface is simple.
The setting management function adopts the menu type, and the concentration and flow rate are displayed in real time.
A variety of concentrations can be switched at will, suitable for patients with different cardiopulmonary symptoms, travelers, sub-health personnel, pregnant women and students.
According to its own needs and environment, switch different oxygen concentrations, the concentration can reach up to 96%, the maximum flow rate is 0.8L, and the equivalent 5L can continuously supply oxygen. The minimum concentration is 60%, the maximum flow rate is 1.3L, and the equivalent 7L continues to supply oxygen.