Multifunctional Cervical Traction Device

$189.00 USD

*Dual Air Bag Dynamic Lift,
*Five Grades Red Hot Compress,
*TENS Pulse Massage,
*Mechanical Drawing Up And Down.
Intelligent Operation, Simple Operation, Multifunctional Cervical Vertebra Traction Device, Through Electric Pulse Physiotherapy, Soothe The Cervical Spine.
It Is Not Only A Cervical Spine Massage Instrument, It Can Also Massage The Whole Body, Including The Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, And Knee Joints, With All-round Physiotherapy, Rejuvenating The Whole Body.Ergonomic design, fits the neck, relieves pressure on the cervical spine, deeply stimulates the cervical spine meridian, and relieves muscle stiffness. Use all people who are tired of cervical spine to relieve fatigue and live a healthy life.