Near Infrared Light Therapy Device with Multiple Size

$450.00$1,090.00 USD

The Near Infrared Light Therapy series used the same design, but only LEDs quantity, size and weight are different, three kinds of 60pcs LEDs, 120pcs LEDs and 180pcs LEDs for your choice. You can daisy chain additional panels, and set up master-slave mode for convenient use.

They use high quality Red and Infrared LEDs which ensure optimum high efficiency light penetration and output irradiance, and both Red Light (660nm) and Infrared Light (850nm) wavelengths which can be used individually or together to cater to your individual needs. The control system is easy to operate with time setting, NIR and Red light choice.

Perfect better results for immune boosting, insomnia improving, skin wounds healing, anti-aging, muscle recovery, joint pain relief, mood enhancement and more.