Postpartum Cushion

$1,235.08 HKD

Beautiful Buttocks And Waist Protection, Sedentary Massage Artifact.
Waist Hip Integration, Reliable Sitting, Vibration Massage, Multi-purpose, Air Massage, Mesh Ventilation, Height Adjustment, Front And Back Selection, Kneading Massage, Intelligent Mode, Automatic Timing, Intelligent Manual Control.
Protect Waist And Buttocks, And Enjoy Healthy Posture. Warm Compress, Correct Sitting Posture. 8d Kneading And Massage, Air Pressing.
Two Way Kneading And Hot Compress Massage.
20 Massage Heads, 8d Three-dimensional Surrounding Kneading, Constant Temperature Hot Compress, Positive And Negative Transfer Kneading, Relax Waist Muscles.