Professional LED Light Therapy Machine with 7 Colors

$2,399.00 USD

This LED Light Therapy Machine applied 210pcs 5W high quality LEDs, emitting 7 colors light, red 633nm, yellow 590nm, blue 417nm, mixed red and yellow(orange), mixed blue and yellow(light green), mixed red and blue(purple), mixed red, yellow and blue. Red light increases blood flow and collagen production; Yellow Light smoothes skin and reduces redness; Blue light calms and tightens skin; Orange light promotes metabolism; Light green promotes lymphatic drainage and reduces hyper-pigmentation; Purple light relaxes skin and improves lymph metabolism; mixed 3 basic colors smoothes rough skin, stimulates cell growth, tightens saggy skin and reduces age spots.

It can be moved conveniently with a stable and mobile stand, and the folded light panel will well cover the face, chest, abdomen, legs, back, and buttocks. High actual output power 360W with dimmable button design, will provide perfect LED light therapy for your family or customers. Providing better results for skin rejuvenation, skin wounds healing, anti-aging, immunity boosting and more.